Commissioned work – swimsuit transformed into a thong

16. November 2019 0 By bo-no-go

I recently finished a sales order. Here, 3 Adidas swimsuits should be transformed into a string swimsuit. The signs with the size information were no longer available, but it must have been so Damengröße 42. That was a bit too big for our model, but we still took a few before / after shots. So here are the 3 swimsuits in their original form:

All 3 suits are already a few years old and show slight to strong signs of usage. The shape is rather simple.

The order was to make highleg string swimsuits.

This is associated with some effort. Among other things, here I open the seam in the crotch area and remove the old rubber. So as little as possible material is lost. It would be stupid if the swimsuit here would be narrow and then no longer enough material is available to cover what should be covered.

Since I also have other things to do, I needed about 1 to 1.5 weeks per swimsuit and always worked here in stages. Open seams, mark new shape, take photos, cut out, sew new rubber, sergify and take photos again. And that’s 3 times.

I always mourn something about the blend. The beautiful fabric with the 3 stripes is too good to throw away, but I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe that’s still … so off it in the leftovers.

Ultimately, the whole process worked well without big problems. It is only sometimes really corrosive to separate the seams. One works well for the other, and for the other one has to cut open almost every sling: P

The result can be seen. Apart from the size you can imagine the suits in the worn state at the end owner.

It is quite remarkable how a cut change can make the term sexy.

Did you read this article completely? Thank you at this point for your interest 🙂

Maybe I’ll get some pictures of my client, I would (if I may) attach here in a comment.