… also suitable for men

8. April 2020 0 By bo-no-go

In the past questions have been asked
“Can you wear that as a man?”
“Does the modified swimsuit have enough space in a certain place if a man would wear it?”

Basically, gender roles or unwritten clothing rules are of no interest to my company. It is allowed what is fun and if you like it, you can wear it.

But there are pieces of clothing that, due to their nature, are only wearable for men or only for women. Therefore, there is now a note that tells you whether the product you are looking at is also suitable for men or not.

Just click on the “Additional Information” link under the article and you can see what’s going on under the “Special Features” item.

The fact that women’s clothing can also be worn by men in some cases is shown impressively and aesthetically by people like leolovesleos on Instagram. He likes to wear women`s gym leotards and with the right light and a creative touch he presents impressive pictures. These are near to art, don’t you think?


Mann trägt Adidas Leotard

The photos were kindly provided by Leolovesleos. Thanks for that !

I hope this helps you further. I am of course available for further suggestions and questions.

Stay healthy!