Fashnstretch Size Chart

26. February 2021 1 By bo-no-go

Hello dear friends of the nylon lifestyle.

One could almost believe that little is happening at fashnstretch … That is not the case! Quite the opposite. In the past two months I’ve worked harder than ever before: P. Among other things, I spent many hours developing a usable size concept for Fashnstretch. For example, I created a size chart for you. These standardized sizes open up completely new possibilities. I am now able to offer you various products from my own production in uniform sizes.

We start with four products. On the one hand there are briefs and thongs for men. You can even determine the size of the front bag for them.

Frontbeutel Variationen

There is also a new men’s bodysuit called SSH6. This body is available as a string or as a standard version (attention, the bottom is cut tight;).

product photograph
SSH6 Men´s Body Suit in classic design

There is also a new thong for women. This will be available in standard sizes and various color combinations in the future.

More articles and models will follow!

So far I have always made certain products in a certain number. I then offered the contingent for purchase in the shop. In some cases I will continue to do this in the future. In addition, there is a standardized proportion of products that can be ordered in different sizes and colors. So you can choose the product, size, color and, if necessary, a variation in the shop. When the order and payment have been completed, the item will be manufactured according to your ideas.

If you want to know more about sizes or how to choose the right size for you, have a look at fashnstretch.com. In the lower area under “Useful” you will find the link to the size information. The size chart and helpful tips for measuring your body measurements are stored on this page. This should make choosing the correct size easy.

Okay, there is a small downer. That concerns the delivery time. Since the item you have ordered is specially made, I cannot of course, as usual, send it directly the next day. It currently takes about one to two weeks to manufacture. In addition, it may also be that I still have to order the required fabric from my supplier. If you want to know exactly how long it takes to manufacture and ship an item, just ask me.

I think this step is an important innovation for my company. Just as it is a relief for you. It is finally possible to order parts directly in a suitable size. This may save you a custom-made product, which would be associated with higher costs. Which of course does not mean that I no longer offer custom-made products. Do you have special requests or your own creation in mind? Then you can still just contact me. We will then discuss together how we can fulfill your wish.