Dust protection for your devices

7. March 2023 0 By bo-no-go

Do you have a home studio and want to protect your usually expensive devices such as samplers and synths from dust?

From now on we also offer practical nylon covers for your beloved devices.

Novation ReMote 37SL with dust cover

The idea arose from a customer request. The customer wanted a simple cover made of spandex material. The cover should slide easily over his keyboards, synths and mixers. In this way, the devices can be quickly protected against dust and biscuit crumbs after use.

We currently offer the covers for all devices with a rectangular basic shape. They are cheap, durable and washable. You can order them in your favorite color or with a motif print.

Contact us if there is no cover for your device yet.

Give us the dimensions (l x w x h) and the name of your device. We will create a pattern for free and you will receive an offer for your personal cover. Should jacks, plugs or other protruding parts also be covered? We can also take that into account. We give you the necessary tips for measuring.

Never cover devices that are still connected to the mains or even switched on.
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions.
Always disconnect your devices from the mains before you put on the dust cover!