Product care

A few hints for product care for our offered garments.

Spandex is very stretchy and stable, but you have to pay attention to the proper care for the fabric. Please follow the instructions below to keep your garment looking good for years to come.

  • Always wash your spandex clothes without fabric softener!
  • Use laundry detergent without perfume.
  • The best way to wash is by hand or in the hand wash program of your washing machine.
  • Wash at 30 ° C.
  • Turn things over left before washing.
  • Use a laundry bag when washing, especially on parts with zippers.
  • Remove persistent stains by hand. Soothe the stains and massage them out with detergent.
  • Never use stain removers or other aggressive cleaning agents.
  • If you were swimming with your garment, rinse the chlorine with clear water.
  • If your spandex part has come into contact with shower gel, rinse with clear water until no more foam bubbles form.
  • Never put things in a dryer!
  • Never wring things strong!
  • Do not use clothespins when hanging up.
  • When drying wetlook clothing, make sure the wetlook surfaces are not touching.
  • Do not put things on the heater.