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String ; Men’s ; new ; diverse colours ; various sizes; original state ; Lycra; shine ; stretch ; thong

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Take a look at this fantastic product.
The MS7 was developed in 2024 and results from the experiences I have gained from making many, many pieces of clothing. I liked this sporty thong so much that I added it to the permanent collection.

The design looks familiar and impresses with its clear lines. The thong is designed symmetrically via the 2 parallel elastic bands at the leg cuffs. Regardless of the size chosen, the string on the MS7 is always 2 cm wide. The cross seam in the crotch is relatively far forward. This increases the string length and provides additional support for the private parts. This creates a pleasant push-up effect. The side panels are designed so that the front is lower than the back. This corresponds to the anatomy of men, so the parts lie all around, usually without wrinkles on the skin. As with most of my designs, the stroke of the fabric is smooth from top to bottom. The thong is completely single-layered except for the outer edges. So there is no inner layer, lining or hygiene mesh incorporated.

Choose a size between XS and XL.
As always, you can find details about the dimensions in the item images. The most important measurement is the waistband measurement of the thong. It is given in the loose and stretched state.
The waistband sits a little lower on the MS7, between the waist and hips – you should also take your measurements there. If you are not sure, you can alternatively measure your waist and hip circumference and add them together. Divide the sum by 2.
As an example: If you measure your body circumference of 80 cm (or waist 75 cm + hips 85 cm / 2 = 80 cm) then a waist measurement of unstretched 73 cm and stretched 87 cm would be the perfect choice for you.

The front bag size comes in 2 variations:
B1 is snug and offers decent support. B2 is a bit broader and more comfortable.

When it comes to colors, you can choose between the normal version and the “Clash” version. In the normal version, the side bands are colored while the front and back are black. With the MS7 Clash it’s the other way around. The front and back are colored while the side bands are black. As always, remember that colored fabrics are not as opaque as black fabric. Especially when the colored material gets wet, it can become a little more transparent.

You are currently looking at the normal MS7, you can find the MS7 Clash here: MS7 Clash


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