Your source for special stretch clothing

special stretch clothing

Fashnstretch is your supplier for special stretch clothing made of spandex and lycra.

I`m happy to see that you want to know more about fashnstretch. So let’s start with the name. Fashnstretch stands for Fashion (fash) and (n) Stretchware (stretch). And as the name suggests, this site is dedicated to everything that has to do with stretch clothing. But the focus is on shiny spandex material. We hate cotton and support any initiative that helps to reduce cotton content in everyday wear. Everything else you can ask us.
Here are a few more infos:

  • #fns we use as hashtag and can be found as @fashnstretch at instagram, where we also want to be as active as possible.
  • We buy and sell all kinds of shiny stretch clothes.
  • We repair broken items and add things like zippers or drawstrings.
  • We create our own parts and make them in laborious manual work.
  • We sell new, used, reworked and self-made items.
  • We write detailed product descriptions and give the measurements in detail.
  • We deliver worldwide and give on all parts 4 weeks right of return.
  • We take customer requests seriously and can also fulfill unusual requests.
  • We work exclusively with high quality yarns, rubbers and fabrics.
  • We shoot and process all product photos ourselves.