Swimsuit from Japan … where from? And what about the size information?

13. May 2018 0 By bo-no-go

A hot tip to all who are looking for one of the coveted swimsuits from Japan! Take a look at the website Cultulu.com. The website is maintained by a German team and deals with the import and sale of exotic swimsuits. Here you will find all kinds of swimsuits, catsuits and bikinis from well-known manufacturers such as Realize, Poolsider, Oceanline and also Asics.

Especially nice is the selection menu on the left side. There you can easily filter according to the criteria you are looking for. So you can quickly find the suit you are looking for.
Incidentally, one notices that the operator works with heart and mind, because important questions are also answered, such as:

  • Which material should I choose and where are the differences to another material?
  • What size do I have to choose as European giant, so that the swimsuit fits?

The blog section of the site is regularly maintained and keeps you up to date with the help of meaningful images about the latest releases and designs of the manufacturers. There is a lot of effort in there and the best part is, you do not have to worry about importing yourself. Anyone who has ever bought goods on the international market, also knows about delays or unexpectedly high customs and import fees.

As I said, have a look at the page.
If you like swimsuits and one-pieces, then you are in good hands here!