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16. November 2019 0 By bo-no-go

Really good work! Even the self-sewn strings!
Great work!
Did you ever wear the swimsuit in the swimming pool or are you just designing?
Unfortunately, the wrong size for me: /
Greetings and a nice weekend ?

Hi, thanks for the praise?
Since I’m male, I did not wear it myself. I design some of my own pieces and sometimes I sew swimsuits around. {…}

How does one come to such a thing as a man?

So how did I get that ?! I have a strong preference for shiny stretch material as long as I can remember.

What would you ask for a makeover if I send you an existing swimsuit?

The price depends on how the swimsuit is sewn. If this is similar to the offered Adidas suit, then that’s around 50 euros. If it is more elaborately sewn, then it is also harder to sew. I do not just cut and sew that again. I separate the seams to replace the rubber, etc. so that as little material as possible is lost and the suit remains comfortably wearable. In order to be able to say something for the price you would have to send me photos of the suit. From the front, from behind, from the side and once well recognizable the seams in the crotch area.

have you changed the swimsuit to a string yourself or was it done by a sewing company? I would also like to have a swimsuit (ebay item # …) stitched to a string swimsuit, but so far I have not found any sewing that does that. Justification was always, that a new elastic band must be incorporated. Do you have a good tip?

Hello, yes I sewed it myself and I’m almost as good as a sewing shop. In the swimsuit they think that should work too.
My tip: You send me the suit and I close the order with rubber included.

very cool … what can I understand by custom-made?

Custom order would be according to customer requirements. So about information on color, shape, zipper, buttons, size, … etc.

Hello, if I see that correctly, they produce such single pieces of conventional swimsuits. Is it possible for me to change such swimsuits. Kind regards

Hello, yes that would be possible. It depends on what a swimsuit it is. Not all models can be reworked. For such a change I would have to get at least 50 €. For more complex work accordingly more. Could you send me a picture of the swimsuit?

Please forgive my curiosity … .. my wife collects special bathing suits and I want to give it to her for her birthday …. unfortunately, such swimsuits are often worn by strange men, which I just want to exclude … so my questioning …

Hello, it’s a hobby of mine. I buy bathing suits, sew them and sell them again. This swimsuit, as far as I know, was not worn by one of the strange gentlemen. You can always contact me if you have any questions, I do not mind.


Hello, that would be possible. However, there are parts that can not be changed or only with great effort. I need pictures of the piece, then I can say more about it. With best regards

What kind of meshing was it?
So you sew normal swimsuits to string bodies?
Does the body hide the intimate parts while wearing it or is it a bit “shorter”? I have some that look wider in the crotch. Do you have more photos?

Hello, the so-called hygiene use in the crotch area I sewed again. Mostly I disconnect it completely because it is easier. And yes, I sew normal BAs to strings. In doing so, I make sure that as little material as possible is lost in the crotch area. The intimate places are covered the same way after the change as before. I do not have any more photos. The suit is still here. What exactly do you want to see?