swimmwear pimping

16. November 2019 0 By bo-no-go

Why are cars tuned and repainted so often? Clothing, however, is worn, hung in the closet and disposed of eventually. Here you can also pimp and make the sport yet. After all, we spend even more time in our clothes than in our cars. At least I strongly assume ?

In a recent burst of creativity, I made four bathing suits and converted them into strings.

This time was also a completely new suit. I bought it at a well-known fashion house and directly subjected to a major overhaul. The model is cut quite conservative, but has a nice back zipper. I once took the risk and grabbed something deeper into my pocket. The original price was at the time at € 29.99.

No matter! it was just perfect for my project. Classic shiny black and relatively high-necked … great!


In direct comparison you can see very well what is possible:


Only a week after the suit was finished, I already sold it. Congratulations to the owner (s) of this beautiful (and by the way: flawlessly changed) swimsuit!