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25. January 2020 0 By bo-no-go

Finally the time has come. After a long preparation phase, endless days and nights and lots of liters of coffee, fashnstretch.com is online. In a new guise and finally with its own shop. Thank you for your patience and I hope you like the result.

Fashnstretch is now part of my sole proprietorship and you can now shop on the website. Of course, this is done securely and encrypted using an SSL certificate – just like the big ones. Browse, fill shopping cart, pay with PayPal or direct transfer, receive goods, be happy ?.

It changes a little bit. For example, you as a customer can benefit from cheaper prices. Because I can partially deduct the fee from the price that I have to pay for the sale on other platforms.

You can also return items you are not satisfied with for 30 days without reason. Usually that’s only 14 days. But I don’t want even one customer to be unsatisfied with their purchase!

And please, if you notice something that is not so great. If something doesn’t work properly or if the error devil has crept in somewhere, say it. Write to me, call, send a photo, come over or whatever. I am open to criticism and glad about every single feedback! Of course, you can also just praise it. I prefer that to criticism ?.

Thank you for your patience. Why am I going to keep messing around here for a long time. Look around and feel at home.